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Watch LIKE, FAVORITE, SUBSCRIBE, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS ! Cover by: Edit by: MP3 Download: LYRICS: Im tired of being alone Sick of being single I think I need me a girl I need a girl like Think I need a girl who knows just what Im into, knows just whats on my mind Yea, Not a girl that breaks up, doesnt want to make up, Oh shes so hard to find. Could you be the one that will love me? Even when I let you down That kind of girl is just what I need Baby we can leave this town Chorus: Girl, I need a girl Pretty in her own way Beautiful and sexy Girl, I need a girl Baby, I need you Girl, you need me, too The kinda girl that is looking good every time shes puttin them jeans on The kinda girl whos cooking all things I like yea she keep me going all night long A girl who lookin young even when shes old Always looking Fly (Know what I mean) A girl that acts real shy when shes walking Always keeping me on my toes But when I get her home skip the talking Keep it on the low Hmm, yall know what Im talking about But Looks are not an issue for me I need a girl with confidence Who always knows just who she are Even though we different people, got different style Our tastes are the same And now you got me to smile (Yes!) I love girls, girls I do adore In front of you, she always putting on the good girl show In front of me, shes like Dang boy , I dont know I hear ya callin to me in the morning (Morning Kiss) thats how I want to start my day Ill lean against your body when the evening comes Close my eyes, open arms And dream the night away Oh you, you make my heart beat faster Oh you, you make my heart sing louder Oh No , Dont say no more Youre the one that I adore And you are the one that I give my heart to Girl, I need a girl Girl, like you, gotta make you mine Ima treat you right, baby Girl, are you listening to me?

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