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Watch The steps we take every moment of the way, Moving upwards little by little sometimes easy but sometimes quite difficult, And the question remains… is it worth it? why would you put yourself through all this trouble? Some might say that it is worth it because of what is waiting at the end… But for me every moment of the way is surrounded by beauty, even when the way is full of obstacles and the road ahead gets harder and harder… its then when you see the smallest flower growing and pushing through the rocks upward to see the sun shining down, it is then when you realize that the view waiting at the end of the trail and the view of this small flower is one and the same… its not only when you reached the end but on the way there that you see New Horizons unfolding in front of you… Hope you enjoyed the Music, click that the button for more Music Videos. For more Info: Website Twitter Instagram Soundcloud

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