Click to Watch in HD > Nowhere Boy - Thomas Brodie Sangster plays Twenty Flight Rock by Eddie Cochran

Watch A scene from the movie Nowhere Boy by Sam Taylor Wood (with Aaron Johnson as John Lennon) where Paul McCartney (Thomas Brodie Sangster) meets John Lennon and plays Twenty flight rock to impress him. Info: In the movie, you can see Thomas B Sangster playing but the song is in fact played by Sam Bell (who plays Georges Harrisson in the movie.) Enjoy ! Lyrics: Well I got a girl with a record machine, When it comes to rocking shes a queen. I took her to a dance on a saturday night, All alone where I can hold her tight. She lives on the twentieth floor uptown. The elevators broken down. And I walk one, two flight, three flight four, Five six seven flight, eight flight more. Up on the twelfth Im starting to drag, Fifteenth floor Im ready to sag. When I get to the top, Im too tired to rock.

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