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Watch 本影片由國立臺灣交響樂團發布 2015/08/23(星期日)桃園國際機場Taoyuan Airport Taiwan 演出/國立臺灣交響樂團 Performer: National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra 團長/黃素貞 Director: Su-Jen Huang 藝術顧問/簡文彬 Artistic Advisor: Wen-Pin Chien 國立臺灣交響樂團National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra(NTSO,簡稱國臺交)成立於1945年12月1日,為臺灣歷史最悠久的交響樂團,今(2015)年歡慶70週年,特於8月23日樂團70歲生日前100天,選在國門桃園國際機場快閃,用古典名曲及臺灣民謠會串旋律迎來送往,以美好的樂音感動人心,更象徵站在70的起點昻首翱翔! 更多有關國立臺灣交響樂團訊息,敬請瀏覽官網 Founded in December 1, 1945, National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra (NTSO, located Taichung) is the oldest symphony orchestra in Taiwan. For celebration of the 70th Anniversary, we organized a special flash mob at the Air Terminal of Taoyuan Airport Taiwan on August 23, 2015 :100 days before our birthday. With an orchestral suite arranged from fine tunes from Taiwan and classical masterpieces, to touch each heart of passengers and announcing after 70 years, we are ready to take off! For more information, please visit our website

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