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Watch Officials: Plane carrying Brazilian soccer team to Colombia crashes, 75 dead A plane carrying 81 people crashed outside Medellin, Colombia on Monday night. The Chapecoense soccer team from southern Brazil was on board, on their way to a championship series. There are reports of survivors. (Nov. 29) Colombian authorities say 75 people including members of a Brazilian soccer team were killed in a plane crash Monday night in northwestern Colombia. Authorities earlier said there were five survivors, but later amended the number to six. The charter aircraft took off from Bolivia and was flying over the town of La Union at around 10 p.m. when electrical flaws were reported, according to a statement from the José María Córdova International Airport in Rionegro, Colombia. The plane crashed shortly after in a mountainous area in the Antioquian municipality, roughly 22 miles from the airport, which serves the city of Medellin. Raw: Video of Colombia Plane Crash Site BREAKING NEWS: Plane carrying Brazilian football team crashes in Colombia Colombia plane that crashed carrying Brazilian football team Live Footage: Plane crashes near Colombia carrying Soccer Team from Brazil in Colombia Plane Crash Plane Crash | Plane Carrying Football Players from Brazil Colombia: Rescue teams search for survivors after 76 Dead in Colombia Plane Crash plane crash caught on camera,plane crashes caught on camera 2016,crash compilation,plane crash investigation,plane crashes caught on camera 2015,plane crash documentary,plane crash simulation,plane crash malta,plane crashing into twin towers, plane crash prank,plane crash,plane crash movie,plane crash 2016, plane crash game,plane crash afghanistan,plane crash animation, plane crash audio,plane crash at baseball game,plane crash after takeoff,plane crash atc,plane crash asian names,plane crash afghanistan 747,plane crash alaska,plane crash audio recordings, a plane crash in the twin towers,a plane crash in the sea,a plane crash into a building,a plane crash in minecraft,a plane crashedhere,a plane crash in dubai,

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