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Watch Ajoutée le 28 sept. 2016 Kim Kardashian got an up-close encounter from the same guy who attacked Gigi Hadid last week ... but this time he was kissing ass instead of grabbing it. Vitalii Sediuk ran up on Kims rear Wednesday in Paris ... slipping past security and planting a kiss right on her left cheek. Her security pounced and took him down immediately. Its unclear if he was arrested. Kim was impressed with her teams reaction. As she put it ... My securitys a G. Vitalii pulled the same crap 2 years ago in Paris -- also at Fashion Week -- but that attack was way more aggressive. years after he caused chaos by ambushing her at Paris Fashion Week. The 35-year-old was heading to the Balmain show on Tuesday with her entourage when Vitalii slipped past security and tried to tackle her - appearing to try to kiss her famous behind.

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