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Watch i think your comments on trans women using the womens bathroom was a bit insensitive. trans people are one of the most misunderstood and marginalized groups in society. virtually everybody hates us. they simply dont want us to exist. its not right to tell trans people to be sensitive on the bathroom situation when we have done virtually nothing to hurt non-transgender people. in fact, we get harassed and hurt when we use the bathrooms that corresponds to our self-identified gender. its the majority who should learn to be sensitive here. we are not trying to offend your senses, we are just trying to live our lives. i also dont understand why its only trans women as opposed to trans men who are always being vilified when it comes to the bathroom issue. trans men can look really manly, with beards and muscles and everything. imagine someone who looks like a burly biker being forced to use the womens restroom because they have a vagina. that is what these fear mongers want. its absolutely ridiculous! i am quite disappointed with your comments on this topic. i dont know why you had to make them. its just not your strength. i dont think you make good points when it comes to gay or transgender or lgbt issues in general. you are not gay, nor are you a transsexual. you cannot understand what it is like to be gay or transgender and live in this world in that identity. you do not know what that experience is like. you dont possess this knowledge. so you should show some deference to the opinions of those who are living these lives to articulate their experiences. we can speak for ourselves. we dont need the majority telling us how to behave or that we should be sensitive to their incapacity to tolerate and respect us. i respect your views on efilism and philosophy in general. but when it comes to social commentary, i do not agree with everything you say. and im going to voice my opinion from now on. i have been afraid to do it before. but i think i owe it to myself to be honest about my opinions on these topics and present challenges to yours when i genuinely do not agree with them. i was really upset and was going to take a long break from youtube, so i wouldnt have to deal with this. but, ive decided to express my opinion to you instead. as i write this, i am just about to upload a video i made today of my daily life experiences, a vlog. i am mentioning this now because that video was made before i saw this one, and has nothing to do with my comments expressed here.

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