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Watch No copyright intended. This video parody is purely made for entertainment purposes and for everyone to enjoy a good laugh. Everything you see in this video has been exaggerated and not meant to be taken seriously. We have seen enough parodies different countries and races so how about a change? We are students of Taylors University, which is a beautiful campus and in our opinion the best University in Malaysia. We are proud to be students of this wonderful place. We had tremendous amount of fun filming this video and we hope you guys enjoy watching it too. Psy- Oppa Gangnam Style (Original Video): Production Crew: Vishnu Pathmanaban: Hansel Taitim: Tan Wei Jun: Gerald Poo: ALSO CHECK OUT: Jay Walia: Chique De Luxe: LYRICS: Everybody wants to come to our uni, To stalk hot girls and spend all of their money, From head to toe they be wearing all their Guccis, And revving their Myvis pretending their Ferraris, We parking all the way, Very deep inside zone H and we walk all the way, With our laptops in our bags its so damn heavy weyh, We have to walk 5 more stories, I cannot tahan weyh, Lets take the lift weyh! (Walao Weyh) When youre in Taylors There are no beggars We are rich HEY! Filthy rich! HEY We walk with slippers and dress like hipsters We still rich! HEY! Still filthy rich! HEY Let the truth be told we all still live off our dads!!! Daaaaaaaaaaaads (Chorus) We call it lakeside campus simply because theres a lake, People love chillin here because its just that great, If it gets real hot you can find me in the library, By the lakeview window while I put on my sunnies, You dont need botak hair, When you walk in the library its not so panas here, The printer line is so damn long its really crazy here, Surrounded by real hot students its getting hot in here, IM GETTING OUTTA HERE!!! (WEYH SENYAP WEYH!!) We come to taylors but not to study To meet leng loi! HEY! We jump for joy! HEY! They dress like models Bodies like bottles They turn me on! HEY! It feels so wrong! HEY! So please help me I cant concentrateeeeeeeee!!!

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