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Watch Thank MrCheesyCam for this video. The new GoPro Karma Grip (Gimbal) is not available yet, and so I have to come up with a temporary way to fly my new GoPro HERO5 camera. The HERO5 is a much taller and wider design over the previous HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4 cameras and so most existing gimbals may not work. But the Zhiyun Wearable Gimbal (found here) fits the Yi 4K Action Camera - which just happens to be about the same height as the HERO5. But the small bracket that holds the camera in place is too small. Instead Ive flipped a few mounting screws backwards and added a few tiny rubber bands to hold the HERO5 body in place on the Zhiyun Rider-M Wearable Gimbal. Finally ive added a PNCGear Pistol Grip Camera Handle underneath. For now my setup works, but for stabilizing handheld footage with the new GoPro HERO5, the new Karma Grip Handheld Gimbal is definitely what you should invest in. The Karma Grip interfaces with the HERO5, so it will power the camera and you can download footage by connecting directly to the Gimbal - no need to pull your HERO5 Off. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are here waiting for you to join us for more smooth and professional videos! *Zhiyun-tech Shop* *Subscribe us!* *Facebook* *Website* *Email*: Promotion: [email protected] Amazon: AliExpress:

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