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Watch Click here to subscribe to THUMP: Picture this: Youre on a tropical island, perhaps on some faraway fantasy planet. These adorable lil purple fuzzball hamsters are all over the place gettin high off of globules that float out of the foliage. Then some big, gross succubus emerges from the water and begins vacuuming up the fuzzballs and then a bigger, flying fuzzball defeats it inn a battle and then you realize that you shouldnt get too caught up in the spoils of victory because the succubus has feelings too. Read more on THUMP: Find Parra For Cuva on Facebook: Video created by Randfarben Hervé and Knytro Want You to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is - ___ THUMP is the worlds newest authority on electronic everything: ___ Check out our full video catalog: Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:

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