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Watch Three years in the making, this is a celebration of all the projects i have taken up in the past years, and it has been an adventure more than i dared to hope for. And there are so many amazing people that i have to thank for bringing me to where i am today. You would usually hear these words from someone who has already made it, conquered their personal everest, fulfilled their dreams. But not today, there is still a long way for me to go, but im just a guy who believes that life is too short to withhold your gratitude, so i will say all these despite. Thank you A2 Movements, the founder and CEO Chi Ying, my journey began from you. Thank you for the opportunities, for the chance to perform in a feature film, for bringing my path to cross with Winona. It has been an honor. Thank you Winona Hwang, you are a person who has had the single most profound influence on the direction of my life, all of these wouldnt have been possible without you. I am forever grateful. Thank you The Kods, my brothers from another mother, it was in walking alongside you amazing people that i dared journey thus. Thank you Kasimir Poh Cieslak, for the adventures, the opportunities and your friendship. It is a real privilege. And i thank my parents, for supporting me on this journey, one most parents would not. And believing in me from the very beginning, when i had nothing to show for but an aspiration and many bruises. Thank you everyone who has graced this adventure with your presence, it wouldnt have the same without you. Now if i may be so bold, Id like to hope for more adventures to come, more companions to journey with and more friendships to forge.

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