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Watch Childhood’s End, from Obscured By Clouds, released June 1972 (2016 Remix) Childhoods End, from Pink Floyds seventh album Obscured By Clouds, has been remixed from the original master tapes in 2016 by Andy Jackson and Damon Iddins. In February 1972, the band were already playing The Dark Side Of The Moon live and starting to record its songs, but production was briefly halted when they accepted their second commission for filmmaker Barbet Schroeder, to create the soundtrack for his feature film La Vallée. In the last week of February 1972, Pink Floyd started work, at Strawberry Studios in Herouville, France, and as David Gilmour later described: “We sat in a room, wrote, recorded, like a production line.” The result was 10 pieces of music: six songs and four instrumentals, which Melody Maker described as “some of the most aggressive instrumentals the Floyd have recorded.” David Gilmour’s Childhoods End was one of the few songs from the soundtrack to be included in Pink Floyds live shows and was featured on European dates, starting on December 1, 1972, and at the start of the bands March 1973 tour of North America, usually with an extended instrumental passage. The definitive Early Years box set, released 11th November 2016 Pre-Order Boxset for $550 Pre-Order 2 CD Edition for $15.99 Pre-Order Digital Pre-Order Via 27 DISC COLLECTION ON CD/DVD/BLU-RAY INCLUDES: + Many hours of rare and unreleased music and video + 14 Hours of video includes restored footage + original 4.0 Quad mixes / BBC sessions/live recordings + rare tracks including more than 20 previously unreleased + historic TV performances, live concerts and 3 feature films + Remixed 5.1 audio for Live At Pompeii footage + collectable memorabilia +100+ photos, most previously unseen + early singles + B sides on CD and vinyl * 7 book-style packages, each with multiple discs. 6 are dedicated to a specific period and include related memorabilia and many unseen photos. * Box bonus package includes collectors audio and video. Box includes bonus larger replica memorabilia (posters, flyers, etc.) plus 5 x reissued replica 7 singles, mastered from the original analogue tapes. ALSO AVAILABLE ON 11TH NOVEMBER 2016: + 2-CD/Download/Streaming set - The Early Years - CRE/ATION 1967-1972’ * The 6 year-specific packages will be made available in early 2017. The bonus package and larger memorabilia is exclusive to this box set. Facebook Twitter Instagram Spotify YouTube Apple

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