Click to Watch in HD > POKEMON GO: Best Pokémon Gym Battle (feat. Dwaine Woolley and Iranian D.)

Watch Best Pokemon Battle Heres a quick video caught the rarest Pokémon and watch the most epic and amazing Pokémon Gym Battle. Dont forget to leave a comment. Feel free to share and like my video. Starring: Dwaine Woolley Iranian D @iraniand Special Thanks to the following: Famas Gym Vantage Point Box Eye Candy Shop Fight Director : Janice Hung Directed By: Louise Viola Creative Director: Marc Schweflinghaus D.O.P. James Neil Viola D.O.P. Iranian D. SFX: Motion Mind, germany Production Crew and Post-Productions: Saegen Entertainment ★ CONTACT US ★ Email: [email protected] Call: +639178258099 ★ SOCIAL MEDIA ★ Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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