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Watch At a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Donald Trump takes a break to meet two of the events younger attendees. At the presidential debate on Sunday night, co-moderator Anderson Cooper spent a lot of time trying to get Donald Trump to answer a simple question: Had he ever—as he boasted in the instantly infamous video with Billy Bush—grabbed a woman “by the pussy” or kissed her unexpectedly? After a lot of dithering, Trump said, “And women have respect for me... Gun Store Offers Pre-Hillary Sale: Prices Will Skyrocket After Crooked Hillary Gets In Giuliani: Trump Claims Seem Coincidental, WikiLeaks Info More Relevant Fr. Morris: Hillary Aides Want to Line Up Catholic Church with Dem Platform 41 percent of voters believe the presidential election could be stolen from Donald Trump due to widespread voter fraud, according to a Politico/Morning Consult poll. The poll, conducted among 1,999 registered voters from October 13 to 15, found that 73 percent of Republicans and 17 percent of Democrats think the election could be taken from Trump.

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