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Watch For a free 30 day trial of Crunchyroll premium go to VARIANT CHARACTER BREAKDOWN - MAKING OF: CGI BATTLE - COMING SOON MAKING OF: LIVE-ACTION - COMING SOON FOLLOW US and our AMAZING cast and crew links below! Subscribe to us and Round Table Studios! Ismahawk - Round Table Studios - Presented by Ismahawk and Round Table Studios CAST RED RANGER- Danny Shepherd - @DannyLaShep, BLACK RANGER- Austin Creed - @XavierWoodsPHD, YELLOW RANGER- Mari Takahashi - @AtomicMari, BLUE RANGER- Tim Gettys - @TimGettys, PINK RANGER- Tana Mongeau [email protected], KEITH- Yoshi Sudarso - @yoshistunts, HUNK- Greg Miller - @GameOVerGreggy - LANCE- Niko Pureinger - @CorridorDigital - PRINCESS ALLURA- Justine Ezarik - @iJustine, PIDGE- Anthony Carboni - @acarboni, BULK - Brian Altano @AgentBizzle Skull - Max Scoville - @MaxScoville CREW PRODUCED BY - Danny Shepherd DIRECTED BY - Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le 3D PROJECT LEAD: Clifford Paul EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Huy Dinh, John Carle, Adam Kilbourn ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: Tim Gettys, Woody Tondorf, Hisonni Johnson, Robot Underdog DIRECTOR OF CGI: Clifford Paul 3D ANIMATION: Clifford Paul CONCEPT ART: Huy Dinh TEXTURE ARTIST: Devin Gee STORY BOARD ARTIST: David Paul TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Garret Austin 3D MODELS BUILT BY: Farij Diansyah RIGGING TECHNICIAN: Ranangshu Dey CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jeremy Le and Hisonni Johnson Bulk and Skull DP - Sean Finnegan WRITTEN BY: Danny shepherd ADDITIONAL DIALOGUE BY: Yawn Flugum, Alex Kellerman FIRST AC: Robert Machado BEHIND THE SCENES: Rob Machado, Adonis Lewis, Nick Acott MUSIC COMPOSER: John Scigulinsky SOUND ENGINEERS: Oscar Corral, Chris Canopen VISUAL EFFECTS: Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le COCKPIT HUD INTERFACE: Melissa Volkman EDITED BY: Clifford Paul/ Danny shepherd ON SET ACTION DIRECTOR: Yoshi Sudarso LOCATION MANAGER: Kara PRODUCTION ASSISSTANT: Joseph Neuman PRODUCTION / COSTUMES ASSISSTANT: Racheal Ly GRIP: Geoff Tabor MAKE UP: Abbie Marie Schaal Silva HELMETS PRODUCED BY: HELMET PROJECT LEAD: Dimitri Cornon HELMETS DESIGNED BY: Huy Dinh HELMETS 3D MODELED BY: Morgan Morey HELMETS 3D PRINTED BY: ItchyPig HELMETS ASSEMBLED/ PAINTED BY: Hal Rydberg and Jeremy Le POWER RANGERS MORPH SUIT DESIGNED BY: Dave Kirk/ SuperGeek Designs POWER RANGERS MORPH SUIT PRINTED BY: COSTUMES/ PROP MASTER/ COCKPITS: Hal Rydberg ADDITIONAL COSTUME/PROPS: Jim Logan Power Ranger Suit Actors RED RANGER - Yoshi Sudarso, Lance Brazil - @IronLohan @IronLohanLance BLUE RANGER - Pierre Demery, Geoff Tabor BLACK RANGER - Jake Moore, Spidey Turner PINK RANGER - Jade Kim, Melinda Jean YELLOW RANGER - Marie Sturges, Angela Domanico Thank to My Mini Factory for helping us create the amazing helmets! Get your own here - Blue- Pink- Black- Red- Yellow - Voltron - Special thanks- John Carle,,, Studio71, ZentaiZone, Wee_Arts, Super Geek Designs, Robot Underdog Portions shot at Studio71

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