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Watch QUINTINO - GO HARDER EP PART 2 is OUT NOW as a FREE DOWNLOAD on Spinnin Premium. Grab the it here: Stay up to date on more Spinnin artists and music here! ► Quintino is going harder than ever! He now drops 5 tracks on his follow up EP called GO HARDER PART 2. It’s not a secret that this Dutch musical hero is exploring several genres. This EP is the proof that he’s skilled to master all genres. In F WHAT YOU HEARD, you will notice some nice trap influences intertwined with up-pitched vocal samples followed by a massive drop. WORK IT is a huge banger that contains hard kicks, a trilling bass and a big drop enhanced by a powerful synth lead. YOU DONT STOP is fueled by many beats per minute and gets the image of a trap tune cause of its hi-hats and steel drums. EMF is the result of joined forces between Quintino and Crossnaders. This electric fire shows distorted kicks, vivacious synths and pitch bended leads. And last but not least Quintino teamed up with Killfake for floor filler UNDERCOVERS. With its twerk beat and uplifting chords, this is definitely a great asset to the Go Harder Part 2 EP! Follow Quintino:

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