Click to Watch in HD > Raphael Saini - unreleased Wabr Song - February 2016

Watch Raphael Saini performing an unreleased song by We are building ruins (Raphaels old band formed in 2008 that lasted unfortunately only a couple of years). All guitars by: Nicola Olla Video and audio recording: Raphael Saini Mixing: Marco Cossu Music: We are building ruins Drumteching by: Michele Sanna ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­----------------------- Follow Me: ►Subscribe to channel - ►Facebook - ►Online Store - ►E-mail - [email protected] ►Instagram - ►Twitter - ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­------------------------- Raphael Saini (ab)uses: ►TAMA drums: ►MEINL cymbals - ►IRON COBRA pedals - ►PRO MARK sticks - ►EVANS drumheads - Raphael also supports: ►Against Clothing, Serial drummer clothing, Drumdisk and Bode Music Gear. Cameras: ►Zoom Q8 (front): ►Gopro hero 3+ (side): ►Gopro hero 4 silver (feet):

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