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Watch From the supposed San Andreas mega quake, to the newest information about the baby dragons born in Slovenia, this is TRENDING TUESDAYS ! 4. All Shook Up -- Last week, a massive earthquake was predicted to strike Los Angeles. How many times have we heard that one? Geologists anticipated a 7.0 magnitude or higher quake could strike at any moment. The gloomy predictions were apparently prompted by a series of micro quakes that occurred in the Salton Sea, a lake southeast of LA that’s located directly on the San Andreas fault. The idea was that a so-called swarm of smaller quakes could trigger the famous fault line and result in a massive earthquake. A lot of anxiety ensued after an earthquake warning was posted for Southern California. Well, the good news is that the earthquake alert posted for LA has expired. And the City of the Angels -- along with the rest of the Golden State -- is evidently none the worse for wear … aside from some shaken nerves stirred up by all the doomsday scenarios. The closest Californians came to experiencing an earthquake may have been watching a DVD of “San Andreas” starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. 3. Mini-Megalodon (meg-uh-lo-don) -- A new extinct species of shark was identified by researchers , that are thought to have existed around 20 million years ago. The revelation was based on some fossilized teeth that were found at four different locations, including North Carolina and California. The teeth measure almost 2 inches long. The new species of shark is called Megalolamna paradoxodon (mega-lol-am-na paradox-uh-dun) and was thought to measure around 13 feet … about the size of today’s great white shark. This new shark species belongs to the same family that includes the extinct super predator Megalodon … or the ‘megatoothed’ shark. Scientists are hoping to solve the puzzle of why this large shark with such a wide geographic distribution hadn’t been recognized until now. Sounds like a mega-sized mystery! 2. Baby Dragons -- The Olm are ancient aquatic salamanders that live their entire lives in caves. In the 17th century heavy rains washed the creatures up from underground waters … and local people believed the Olm to be the offspring of a cave dwelling dragon … hence the nickname. A month or so back, we ran an episode called “11 Strangest Eggs” ( … It featured the strange looking eggs of the Olm … Well, here’s an update on that story. The eggs, located in Slovenia’s Postojna (post-ahj-na) Cave, have hatched … some of them, anyway. 64 Olm eggs were laid by a single female, but only 22 hatched and are still developing. As of last week, the baby dragons are 18 weeks old and are soon to reach adolescence … that period of their lives will last around 15 years.. Olms live live up to a century but only lay eggs once or twice a decade. Due to their small numbers and polluted underground habitat, they are considered a vulnerable species. Experts claim that these are the only baby dragons in the world. Not counting the Khaleesi’s dragons, of course … but they’re all grown up. 1. Hurricane Matthew -- Chances are, you already know a lot about this story … A lot of dire predictions were made concerning Hurricane Matthew … unfortunately, many of them seem to have come true. The powerful tropical slammed into Florida with 100 mph winds, and pummeled the area with heavy rain last week. The storm is thought to have claimed over 800 lives after tearing through the Caribbean. While Matthew was downgraded from a Category 4 to a Category 3 storm, that basically means top wind speeds could reduce from 130 to 120 mph. Storm surges up to 11 feet were possible in some areas, and Florida could be hit with 15 inches of rain. A state of emergency was declared in North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida and more than 600,000 have been left without power. The severe weather conditions prompted the closure of Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld … and the public was warned to stay indoors or evacuate affected areas. Despite the catastrophic storm conditions and the warnings, some people still elected to stay put … and party their way through the storm! Subscribe to Epic Wildlife Lets Connect -- -- -- --

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