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Watch salam dears! welcome back to SLKs tuts. here in this section we will learn in detail the designing process of a spiral reinforced concrete column. remember !Spiral columns are cylindrical columns with a continuous helical bar wrapping around the column. The spiral acts to provide support in the transverse direction and prevent the column from barrling. we will design this column based on ACI codes and requirement for column design. to watch ACI codes and requirement for column just watch the 1st lecture in this playlist and the link is here below. and list=PLkqQL18wHNCsB1F2-d41XoKkBi9eHBOOc all right in design process i will do just an example .eg. Design spiral for given column . If fc’= 4 ksi and fy = 60ksi for solution lets watch the lecture. thanks for watching. my self SLK. +92-3438861906

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