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Watch Renault Megane GT 205 EDC Review by CarsVideosTubeRe Renault Megane GT is a Frances new daring contribution to the compact car market. Needing something special to stand out they pulled a magic trick again and came up with the segment’s first all-wheel-steering system. Megane GT is can be used for both - long trips and brisk driving without needing to visit to the chiropractor afterward. Renault managed to achieve a suitable balance of handling and comfort, which should make many drivers happy. Dont confuse Megane GT for the performance model in the Megane range, as the French brand has another ace up its sleeve for that task. In the interior users can customize ambiental lighting, color schemes for the gauges and multimedia unit, and even how the car responds to inputs. This marks a significant leap from where the previous Megane left off and makes the French hatchback move upmarket without a massive price hike. Unlike the GT, no other model in the segment has rear-wheel steering, a feature that puts a lasting impression on you once you experience it. In the beginning your senses fight with a strange feeling while cornering, but you quickly realize, the vehicle drives through the bend like being on rails. In spite of a generous power figures from a 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, Renault’s smooth power delivery and clever fuel-saving technology (including a kinetic energy recovery system) allow for a decent fuel economy. Customers get the power level close to a Volkswagen Golf GTI, without the fuel consumption of a hot hatch. The automated transmission is also standard, while others would charge at least 1,000 euros for one. Renault Megane GT is a well-made package with every day practicality, great fun factor and still with an afordable price tag. CarsVideosTube Website: CarsVideosTube Channels CarsVideosTube YouTube Channel: CarsVideosTube Facebook: CarsVideosTube Google+: CarsVideosTube Twitter:

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