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Watch [REVIEW] Buzz Bee Air Warriors Air Max Tyrant Review, and Complete Firing Test is the topic of todays toy gun video here on the cj nerf channel. The Buzz Bee Tyrant fires Mega Darts and its nerf equivalent is the Mega rotofury. If we could combine the best parts off both into one blaster we would really have something great but as it is the tyrant really shines in a few areas. Price, Power, and the fact The Air Max tyrant has a fantastic feature of a 12 dart magazine that is compatible with nerf mega darts which makes firing and reloading a breeze. After putting the Air warriors Tyrant on the chronograph this blaster shoots well above the rotofury and nerf elite ranges averaging 80 FPS in stock form. When you add that all up and put a price tag under 20.00 you have yourself some tough competition. The air max tyrant is not without faults such as , no slam fire , top priming mechanism, and a poor location for the magazine release, but for the performance and price it is well worth the purchase IMO. Subscribe Here For More Nerf, and Off Nerf Brand Product Line Content: Please Share this Video With Other Youtubers: Music in This Video is - Lucky Day by the Jingle Punks NEW FAN MAIL: Write Us A Letter: CJ Nerf 4956 Long Beach Rd SE Ste-14 Southport Nc, 28461 Box - 201 Suggestions: Check Out Our Channel Page: Check Out Our Latest Upload: Check Out Our Most Popular Upload: Playlists Nerf (Brand): NERF 2017 NEW BLASTERS RELEASED: NERF 2016 NEW BLASTERS RELEASED: NERF 2015 NEW BLASTERS RELEASED: NERF N-STRIKE MEGA SERIES BLASTERS: NERF ELITE SERIES BLASTERS: NERF ZOMBIE STRIKE SERIES BLASTERS: NERF DOOMLANDS 2169 SERIES BLASTERS: NERF DOOMLANDS IMPACT ZONE SERIES BLASTERS: NERF RIVAL SERIES BLASTERS: NERF N-STRIKE SERIES BLASTERS: NERF MODULUS SERIES BLASTERS: NERF RANDOM PRODUCTS / FUN VIDEOS: NERF MODS / COOL PAINT JOBS: NERF and OFF NERF - TOP RANK LISTS: NERF ALIEN MENACE SERIES BLASTERS: NERF ACCUSTRIKE SERIES BLASTERS: NERF PRODUCT COMPARISONS: Playlists BUZZBEE AIR WARRIORS ULTRA TEK SERIES BLASTERS: AIR WARRIORS AIR MAX SERIES BLASTERS: Playlists PRECISION RBS PRECISION RBS SERIES BLASTERS: Playlists BOOMCO BOOMCO HALO SERIES: Playlists ZING ZING SERIES BLASTERS: Playlists DARTZONE DARTZONE SERIES BLASTERS:

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