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Watch Please Help, SUBSCRIBE / SHARE / LIKE / COMMENTS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Go to subscribe my channel please click here: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The related this video: Dr. Kem Ley childhood profile, The history of Dr. Kem Ley childhood, ប្រវត្តិ​លោក កែម ឡី ក្នុង​វ័យ​កុមារ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The related this video: The Love Story of Dr. Kem Ley with his Wife, ប្រវត្តិ​ស្នេហា​របស់​លោក កែម ឡី និង​ភរិយា -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The related this video: Before Dr. Kem Ley shot dead, he would say analysts are willing to sacrifice his life -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The related this video: VOD analysis, Should Dr. Kem Ley deserves to be a hero? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The related this video: The third party behind the death of Dr. Kem Ley -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The related this video: VOD analysis, The cause of Dr. Kem Ley assassination? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The related this video: The interview with Mr. Sok Touch on Mr. Kem Ley shot dead case. Part 01: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The related this video: The interview with Mr. Sok Touch on Mr. Kem Ley shot dead case. Part End: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More videos please go to this: Please support me by SUBSCRIBE / SHARE / LIKE / COMMENTS my channel. Thanks a lot for taking my suggestion. I wish good luck to all of you. Hello all visitors, Warm welcome to my You Tube channel... Im really happy to see you come to visit my You Tube channel. Please enjoy watching my videos and leave the comments/share/like. I make this channel to upload all types of videos to let people all over the world know about Cambodia. The main purpose of my channel focus on the political situation in Cambodia. I think many people want to know about Cambodia situation, especially Khmer people who living in abroad. For example USA, Australia, France, Canada..., as you know the political and economic are related each other if you dont know you cannot make any decision well. Many people want to travel abroad and visiting the amazing places at different countries. They travel, cook, eat, dance, and other actions. Cambodian people who leaved their country to live in abroad such as USA, Australia, France, Canada etc., they always want to know about their country political situation change. Thats why I decided to make this channel to post and share all news in our country to all of you know. Last my description, Well, I would like to thank to visitors who support us for taking their times to watch our videos and subscribe. Please comments to us to tell about your problem or your like. We want to say that, please feel free to tell us if you want to request any question or idea. You can post it in the comment. Thank again for your visiting my channel, wish all you have good luck every time... RFA=Radio Free Asia RFI=Radio France International VOD=Voce of Democratic VOA=Voice of America CNRP news CPP news Sam Rainsy news Hun Sen news Kem Sokha news Khmer news Khmer express news Khmer express news 2016 Khmer news facebook Khmer facebook news Khmer fresh news Khmer news today 2016 Cambodia news Cambodia fresh news Cambodia news 2016 Cambodia news today Cambodia political news Cambodia political news 2016 Cambodia breaking news Cambodia breaking news 2016 Cambodia news today 2016 facebook news Khmer facebook talk show Khmer news talk show Hun Sen news Sam Rainsy news Kem Sokha news radio news rfa Khmer news rfa Khmer news 2016 rfi Khmer news 2016 voa Khmer news voa Khmer news 2016 voa Khmer hot news 2016 Vod Khmer news

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