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Watch All Copyright: Rogers Park Todos Los Derechos de autor: Rogers Park Song: Shared Hearts Canción: Shared Hearts Translated By: Emunah Songs Traducido por: Emunah Songs I hope you enjoy it Espero que lo disfruten Help support The Libenu Foundation. Like us on Facebook to see more goodness! MP3 DOWNLOAD HERE The Libenu Foundation makes it possible for people with disability and special needs to live independently and live a life full of opportunities. Libenu helps us realize we are all part of one beating heart. To learn how to get involved and be a part of their work visit Filmed by: Mendel Katz and Atara Wolf Edited by: Mendel Katz Written and Directed by: Yosef and Mordy Creative Director: Mordy Kurtz Produced by: Max Dayan,Yosef and Mordy Gaffer: Rich Reilly Brought to you by The Libenu Foundation Song Recorded at: Side Door and IV Lab Studios. In Chicago Song Produced by: Matt Doughetry and Daniel Salcido Song written by: Mordy Kurtz Song sung by: Yosef and Mordy (Rogers Park) Violin: Ruby Harris (Recorded at Basement Records in Chicago) Special Thank you to Max Dayan and Shana Erenbreg of The Libenu Foundation, Atara Wolf, Mendel Katz, Zev Blumenthal, Dov Gurewicz, Jacob Mosbacher and all our friends at the Libenu Home! You made this project all worth it. Like us on Facebook to see more goodness!

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