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Watch Heres an easy way to make fast homemade salsa with a Mason Jar and an ordinary blender. Fast fresh, easy and delicious describe this blender salsa best. You can literally make a quart of fresh homemade salsa in just a few minutes. Hillbilly Jilly Easy Homemade Salsa with Homegrown Tomatoes in a Blender Ingredients ● 2lbs Fresh tomatoes diced into large chunks (about six medium tomatoes) ● 1 tomatillo ● ½ medium onion – your choice of variety ● 2 cloves garlic ● ½ to 1 whole - chopped fresh jalapeno pepper (seeds can be included but add heat) ● 1/4 cup fresh roasted green Hatch chilis – raw or canned is ok too ● The juice of 1 lime ● 1 teaspoon – Kosher, pickling, sea salt or Himalayan is best ● 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin ● One 1-quart small mouth mason jar with fresh lid ● Standard kitchen blender Directions 1. Coarsely chop tomatoes, tomatillos, onion, garlic, jalapeno pepper and Hatch chilis 2. Add salsa vegetables, salt and cumin to jar 3. Pack salsa mixture tight in jar with 1-inch head space (1 inch from top of jar) 4. Add fresh squeezed lime juice 5. Carefully unscrew the bottom cap and blade from your kitchen blender 6. Now carefully screw the bottom cap and blade onto your mason jar 7. Ensure the lid is about a quarter turn past hand tight 8. Turn jar upside down, give it a shake and make sure no leaks 9. Place jar on your blender as you would normally 10. Make sure bottom cap is firmly seated in blender 11. Pulse blender until desired consistency is reached – give jar a shake every couple of pulses Note: Although we have used the mason jar hack on our blender every day for years without incident, we recommend you be very careful if trying this. This video simply is to show you how we make our homemade salsa using a mason jar and blender. We don’t recommend you use a blender or any other appliance in a way other than it was designed for. Thanks for watching, and protect our bees! Hillbilly Jilly ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Join us as we learn together and share our garden dos and donts. ● Growing Heirloom variety veggies ● How to and DIY vegetable garden projects and ideas ● Fruit and vegetable canning ● Cooking and recipes Thanks for watching and if you like subscribe for our latest updates! View our most recent updates and how to videos: You may also like our videos: How to Freeze Bell Peppers Without Blanching Canning Crackers for Long Term Storage: Keeps Crackers How to Make Homemade Butter in Minutes Hillbilly Jilly YouTube: twitter: tumblr: website:

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