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Watch NEWEST MUSIC VIDEO FEEL THE BERN NOW ON YOUTUBE: BASED ON A TRUE STORY, MAYBE once upon a time.. a little gay boy had a very big crush on a straight boy.. try as he might he realized nothing would ever come out of his innocent straight boy crush.. so he cooked up a magical potion that turned everyone who drank it GAY.. except they wouldnt automatically turn gay .. first they would seizure like a fangirl in heat.. and THEN turn gay before little gay boy knew it.. the virus was spreading all across the world.... cute boys from every corner of the globe were turning gay... and just when he thought this gay zombie apocalypse couldnt get better... the straight boy that started this whole mess turned gay too and they road off into the sunset .. and kissed a lot and made babies .. real ones.. and they lived happily ever after BASED ON A TRUE STORY, MAYBE oh and these ppl helped too : Youre Gay Music Video An Oxin Entertainment Productions Overall Direction Sean Lim Director of Photography Kim Jeffrey Tapia Executive Producers Dennis T. Sebastian Talent Coordinators Rose Arianne Lope Myx Rimorin Production Design Dan delos Santos Ning Corteza Hair and Make-Up Jeffty Bulanon Production Assistants John Galvez MJ Mark Joseph Viel Merck Carillo Ian Tapang Production crew Jeffrey Lumanog, Raymond Sevilla. Camera Team Outpost Visual Frontier Equipment RSVP Film Studios Asia Pacific College Building Admin: Mike De Jesus Asia Pacific College Robert Besana Assistant Location Manager Ely Concorde Cast Albert Goza JB Sinday Regina George Ely Concord Rommel Enriquez Mikki Xavier Patrick Angeles Elijah Venegas Hanzel Demesa Vince Santos Ian Labis Mike Alcaria Langomez Vino Ang Kho Chan Gamby Jasmin Caacbay Gizelle Marion Marya Manalili Nice Tan Ria Joya Krystine Scott Cabarrubias Krisma Rivera Sebastians Double Brian Michael Nisperos 38 Degrees Francis Montesa Toby Coronel Trevor Lua Bonito Calleja Victor Leyesa Diego Cabrera PoGays of Its Showtime Lord Christer Tan Ronnie Cadag Paolo Nakamura Ron Tupan Yro Alim Kristopher Russell Aguilar Quitalig MJ delos Reyes Jose Ricamonte Karganilla Jordan Abanes Cameo Appearance Kevin Balot Miss International Queen 2013 Idan Matalon of Special Thanks Liav Eliash Nir Hahamov Dekel Lazimi Boyet Dalisay Dan Lichauco David Corsico Bellhaus Entertainment BED Manila Brian Cua Asia Pacific College Cacai Velasquez-Mitra Erimar Ortigas Trina Belamide (Shine) Kickstarter sponsors Moovz Mexico Moovz USA Moovz Israel Moovz UK

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