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Watch [Turn on CC for English] Micaela and Kat make a pretty badass police team ;) We had a lot of fun practicing our acting skills with this short skit! ▶︎PART 2 - Cast - MICAELA KAT MCDOWELL KIM BRONWYN NICOLE MARO Story by: Mari Yamamoto *** IMPORTANT: Problems with chikan are real. If you ever find yourself in that situation (on a train, bus, or anywhere else) it is encouraged to grab their hand and yell CHIKAN - the train staff will help you. You might feel hesitant and nervous calling attention to yourself (I did when it happened to me when I was 17) but try not to think that way. What theyre doing is illegal and they deserve to be called out and punished. *** This was filmed at YouTube Space Tokyo as part of their Detective Production Program. (These are not true stories) Thanks for watching!! xx

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