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Watch In her first episode of Politics with Riley, Riley J. Dennis discusses whether or not you should consider voting for one of the third-party Presidential candidates in 2016, Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. Clearly, many voters feel like their views dont align with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. So would your vote be wasted, or should you really vote your conscience? (This video was filmed at the YouTube Space in LA, on the Oval Office set.) ♥HOW TO VOTE IN EVERY STATE ♥SOCIAL MEDIA YouTube: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Tumblr: Instagram: Snapchat: ♥TRANSLATE THIS VIDEO Instructions: ♥ABOUT ME My name is Riley J. Dennis, but it used to be Justin Dennis (I changed it on August 7th, 2016). My pronouns are she/her. ♥SOURCES Background music: Official National Anthem Jingle Punks, YouTube Audio Library Images licensed under Creative Commons: Donald Trump:,_2015_(cropped).jpg Hillary Clinton: Jill Stein: Gary Johnson: RealClear Politics article: Washington Post article: Washington Examiner article: NASA article: Bernie Sanders: https:[email protected]/21668182001 Nader logo: Ralph Nader: George W. Bush: Al Gore: Gerrymandering:

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