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Watch What would the guitar to Nirvanas Smells Like Teen Spirit sound like if it were in a Major Key instead of a Minor key?? Analysis: Original song is in F Minor Transpose to F Major ||Parallel Shred|| is a video series by guitarist Chris Fury Legendary guitar riffs and solos transposed into their Parallel Key! major keys will be turned into minor, and minor Keys will be turned into major. Whats Next?? - leave your comment below. Episode 0 - Announcement Trailer and list=PL9h5PtSdkY7VBgx3Xr0JqM8HcQdhqEzRa and index=1 Episode 1 - Stairway to Heaven (Major Key) and list=PL9h5PtSdkY7VBgx3Xr0JqM8HcQdhqEzRa and index=2 Episode 2 - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Major Key) and list=PL9h5PtSdkY7VBgx3Xr0JqM8HcQdhqEzRa and index=3 Parallel Key- In music, a major scale and a minor scale that have the same tonic are called parallel keys and are said to be in a parallel relationship.] The parallel minor or tonic minor of a particular major key is the minor key based on the same tonic; similarly the parallel major has the same tonic as the minor key. For example, G major and G minor have different modes but both have the same tonic, G; so we say that G minor is the parallel minor of G major. Links: ►Website: ►Facebook: ►Instagram: ►Twitter:

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