Click to Watch in HD > Smerconish Gets Personal With Curt Schilling: You Were Pompous in Philly and ‘You’re Pompous Today’

Watch CNN has had a helluva time of it these past 24 hours with conservative sports voices on their network. Yesterday afternoon, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin lost it and ended a segment early after Fox Sports’ Clay Travis repeatedly said that he believes in only two things — the First Amendment and boobs. Baldwin was so incensed about the event that she wrote an op-ed for later that night. This morning, CN host Michael Smerconish had former ESPN analyst and ex-baseball great Curt Schilling call into his show to presumably talk about the whole Jemele Hill controversy that has dominated the cable news conversation lately. However, it quickly devolved once Schilling pivoted from talking about Hill’s Trump comments to CNN’s bias when it came to covering the president.

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