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Watch Artist: Somewhere off Jazz Street. Album: Learning To Forget. Track: With Head Held High. Released 21 November 2013. Genre: Dark jazz, Electronic Jazz, Atmospheric Jazz, Improvisation, Instrumental Jazz, Melancholic. Music by Buz Hendricks. Uploaded for promotional purpose only. Buy it here: About Somewhere off Jazz Street: Somewhere off Jazz Street is the jazz influenced music project of musician Buz Hendricks. The dark, late night sound mixes improvisation, sound effects and the sound of the saxophone. The music is all played by Buz using electronically generated sounds played from a keyboard. Website: You can also find Somewhere off Jazz Street on: Facebook - Bandcamp - Google Play - Last Fm - Youtube Channel - ________________________ Excerpt taken from the film ISSEI S SAD SONG by Laetitia Laguzet under Creative Commons (Attribution License, _____________________ I do NOT own the copyright for the movie and music that I upload and will remove it immediately upon request from copyright holder or band. _______________________ TuRn off the lights.

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