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Watch Over to you... the best caption you can come up with for this classic episode goes *in this space* as the official description! Morph made his TV debut in 1977 on BBC One. He was in the children’s art programme Take Hart, appearing alongside the artist and presenter, Tony Hart. He remained a regular fixture on children’s television for over three decades, and returned with some brand new mini adventures specially created for his YouTube channel in 2014. There are some real gems in the Morph archive and we’ve rummaged around and found the very best clips from the early days. We’ve polished them up and will be sharing them on Morph’s YouTube channel for his fans to enjoy. Visit Morphs brand new shop: Click here for new Morph episodes: Morph Classic Clips Playlist: Exclusive New Morph merchandise: Like Morph on Facebook: Follow Morph on Twitter:

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