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Watch Dan wrote this song on his 33rd birthday in Maine, Happy Birthday Dan! Movie time again. Strange how most of my Maine songs have been written in Colorado and some of my most western pieces (like this one) were written in Maine. I wrote this on my birthday, 1984. Its not completely historically accurate but I plead poetic license. (Dan Fogelberg) Sutters Mill written by Singer/Songwriters Dan Fogelberg, from High Country Snows album (1985) also included in Portrait - The Music of Dan Fogelberg 4-CD Box Set, Disc 4. He always loved traditional country/folk/bluegrass music. After a visit to the legendary Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Dan was inspired to do an album of songs he had in him for a long time....the result is a great album that has captured the heart and soul of American country music. Sutters Mill is one of the best songs on the album, the song tells the story (just like the old traditional songs used to) of young James Marshall and old John Sutter discovering gold in California in the 1847~1848 and beginning the infamous gold rush. The Sutters Mill modern reconstruction is well kept in Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park @ Coloma California. Special thank Bobby for Dans liner notes. Sutters Mill ~ Dan Fogelberg (Lyrics) In the spring of Forty-seven so the story it is told Old John Sutter went to the mill site and found a piece of shining gold Well, he took it to the city where the word like wildfire spread And old John Sutter soon came to wish hed left that stone in the river bed For they came like herds of locusts...every woman, child and man In their lumbering Conestogas they left their tracks upon the land (Chorus) Some would fail and some would prosper Some would die and some would kill Some would thank the Lord for their deliverance And some would curse John Sutters mill Well, they came from New York City and they came from Alabam With their dreams of finding fortunes in this wild, unsettled land Well, some fell prey to hostile arrows as they tried to cross the plains And some were lost in the Rocky Mountains with their hands froze to the reins (Chorus) Well, some pushed on to California and others stopped to take their rest And by the spring of Eighteen-sixty they had opened up the West And then the railroad came behind them and the land was plowed and tamed When Old John Sutter went to meet his maker, hed not one penny to his name (Chorus) And some would curse John Sutters Mill Some mens thirsts are never filled

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