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Watch Tates Cairn is located between Wong Tai Sin and Shatin, the height is 583M, it is one of the peaks of the Kowloon Ridge, the famous buildings are Tates Cairn Meteorological Station, Tates Cairn Radar Station , Tates Cairn Police Post. Kowloon Peak is located in Wong Tai Sin District, the height is 603M, which is the highest in the peaks of Kowloon Ridge, there is good scenic views of Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong Island, Ho Chung and Hebe Haven. Kowloon Peak is also a hotspot for sunshine and sunset. 大老山位於九龍黃大仙與新界沙田之間,高583米,九龍群山之一,山頂上有多項政府建築,分別為大老山氣象站,大老山政府無線電台,大老人警崗。 飛鵝山位於黃大仙區,高603米,為九龍群山中最高,於山頂可以飽覽九龍半島、香港島、蠔涌及白沙灣一帶,此外飛鵝山也是觀賞日出及日落的熱點。 音樂 Music:月とイルカ (from 甘茶の音楽工房) #大老山 #飛鵝山 #九龍 #遠足 #山野航拍 #Phantom4

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