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Watch ទឹកហូរ-ស្អាតហើយច្រៀងបានពិរោះណាស់, Tek Ho by Khmer Singer I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor ( Please subscribe to get the latest updated: Please follow us on: Facebook Fanspage: Twitter: Website: Google Plus+ Watch other Movie: 1-អ្នកប្រដាល់មិនដែលឈ្នះ, Full HD, neak prodal min del chnas​, Full Movie Speak Khmer: 2-Full Movie, 2 Brother, Two Brother, ពីរនាក់បងប្អូន, Pekmi Ft Krern, Khmer movie 2016: 3-Chinese Movies speak khmer, movie dubbed in khmer, មហាសំណើចទាំង៤ - The Romancing Stars 1987: YouTube Editor,vichhaybekworld,,, ទឹកហូរ, tek hor, khmer old song, khmer new song, preap sovath song, ទឹកហូរឆ្ងាយ, ទឹកហូរតិចៗ, preap sovath, ព្រាប សុវត្ថិkhmer songs, khmer song video, khmer song karaoke, khmer old song, khmer old songs, khmer old song 1960, khmer old song karaoke,sisamouth, sareysothea, khmer oldies, sereisothea, khmer song with lyrics, sin sisamuth

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