Click to Watch in HD > TEW; Surfing Europe Ep3 The Surfing Farmers of County Clare’

Watch Mark travels to Western Ireland and meets big wave chargers turned organic farmers Fergal Smith and Mitch Corbett. When theres no surf, they tend to their farm. When theres surf, they surf. It helps that they have some of Europe’s heaviest waves a furlong from the farm gate! The journey continues - Ford Ranger presents The Endless Winter II - Surfing Europe Europe is, and always has been a traveling surfers dream. British surfer Mark ‘Egor’ Harris will travel from Newquay in England to Taghazout in Morocco, a well-trodden surf trail since the 1960s. At times, Mark will drift off-piste and explores Europe’s surfing outposts. In each country, Mark will team up with fellow pro-surfers and together they’ll surf the countries best waves and meet national heroes of the sport. Surfers; Mark Harris, Mitch Corbett, Fergal Smith Archive courtesy of; Kevin and Fergal Smith Additional surf footage courtesy of; Mitch Corbett, Mark Harris, Gul. Special thanks to Mitch Corbett, Matt Smith, Fergal Smith, Kevin Smith, Sophie Bradford. Music; Found (Original and Remix) by The Daydream Club The Endless Winter crew are; Matt Crocker, James Dean, Tim Boydell, Ross McDonald, Lucia Griggi, Dave Hamill, Rob Saunders, Simon Ball, Anthony Butler, Nathan Dunn, Brian Moseley, Joe Smith, Kevin Smith.

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