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Watch iTunes: Amazon CD: Amazon Vinyl: Amazon Digital: BASICK: The Algorithm: Web - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Released on 19th November 2012, this album is not only wildly inventive and groundbreaking, it challenges the very existence of genre classifications and scenes all together. Be warned, there is a strong possibility that this will make you eat your own face. Even in a scene where progressive attitude is the norm, theres nothing quite like The Algorithm... mashing together metal, trance, techno, reggae and dub with the subtlety of a rhino on roller-skates. Pure Class - Merlin Alderslade, METAL HAMMER Its chaotic, unpredictable, but most importantly, its incredibly well constructed with a serious consideration and knowledge of music. Even if you pick it up and listen to it once, itll be worth it just to marvel at the electronic genius on display. This comes highly recommended for the open-minded and the genre-crossers alike: music doesnt get much more genre-bendy than this 8/10 - Hit The Floor It wouldnt be at all shocking if Polymorphic Code becomes a seminal record and sparks further developments in the melding of metal and electronic music genres. Should such a thing happen, hopefully theyll be as good as Polymorphic Code, which presents the idea with earnest and sincerity instead of pretense and grandeur 3.5/10 - Heavy Blog Is Heavy For More Information: Web - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Spotify - SoundCloud -

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