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Watch The secret to keeping cookies fresh is to remove as much air and humidity possible from your container. Here is our best tip on how to store cookies, and keep cookies fresh as long as possible. This way of storing cookies keeps them fresh for up to 15 years – provided they are stored properly. Here is the best way to keep cookies moist and fresh for weeks, months or even years! Vacuum sealing combined with oxygen absorbers is one of the best ways to store cookies for long term storage. Great for the boat or RV, keeping moisture and those musty smells out! Hillbilly Jilly’s Best Way to Store and Keep Cookies Fresh Ingredients ● Cookies – any type ● Oxygen absorbers – 1 per jar ● 1-quart jars Directions 1. Sterilize your jars in boiling water or dishwasher 2. Pack cookies carefully into jars leaving about an inch of headspace 3. Add one oxygen absorber per jar. Note: Store in cool dry area. Thanks for watch and subscribe to get my newest videos! Hillbilly Jilly! Music: BackToTheWood by ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Join us as we learn together and share our garden dos and donts. ● Growing Heirloom variety veggies ● How to and DIY vegetable garden projects and ideas ● Fruit and vegetable canning ● Cooking and recipes Thanks for watching and if you like subscribe for our latest updates! View our most recent updates and how to videos: You may also like our video: Canning Crackers for Long Term Storage: Keeps Crackers You may also like our video: How to Make Homemade Butter in Minutes Hillbilly Jilly! YouTube: twitter: tumblr: website:

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