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Watch ♫ THE DRUM SHOW ♫ Ive listened for the first time to a Japandroids song just a few months ago (I think it was April) and I immediately fell in love with them, with their dirty sound, the fast drums tune, the emotional lyrics and their passion. I decided in no time to put one of their songs in an episode of The Drum Show, but you know, Im a bit slow at making videos, so it came out only now. The House That Heaven Built isnt my favourite song, but its maybe the most representitive of the band. Besides, it was the favourite of somebody else. THE DRUM SHOW isnt a simple drum cover serie, it isnt something you can find in another channel. In fact the matter here isnt just the drums, but its the song, the lyrics, the emotion, the interpretation. The Drum Show is about you, me and the music, that passion that beats in our hearts at the beat of the drum. Thank you. INSTAGRAM: mrgarroz TWITTER: Mr_Garroz E-MAIL: [email protected]

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