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Watch The Runner, is a short action film that takes place in Guelma (Algeria), These scenes were shot a secured abandoned Train Station. A result of only 2 hours of shooting within only one day, and 75 hours of editing and correcting. This movie was shot using a DSLR Canon 550D Camera without using stabilizer or a steady cam, I tried to correct shakes using Adobe Premiere, and Colors were corrected using Adobe Premiere Pro. ps: This was our first cinematic work, these actors are not professional actors, and I am not a professional producer and director, and I am not a Professional Cameramen. However, we could make this work come at its best. Your Critics are welcomed. Actors: Bilal ESSALHI Hakim HADFI Saadeddine KHECHAIMIA Cameramen: Houssem BENHACEN Produced and Directed by: Houssem BENHACEN Music included in this work are not mine. Please contact us at : [email protected] Facebook: Your Critics are welcomed. If you are Algerian, you can act ? write ? you have an idea of a film ? Contact me and well figure it out. (

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