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Watch Hi Friends Introduced My Channel #Duggempudi B Welcome to My Channel #Duggempudi B We will send you jokes and funny videos, all the best content that you can share with your friends and family :) My channel post funny videos and biography, inspiring stories, startup stories, apps technology, techniques and tech trends, tech application present tends all video updates post my channel. Duggempudi B #Follow_on_social_media Facebook: twitter : Instagram: Whatsapp: SanpChat: thank u for watching #Like our videos #share our videos #Subscribe our Channel (Duggempudi B) #The_Viral_Video_story India‘s shocking 180-run defeat against Pakistan in the final of the eight edition of ICC Champions Trophy has left the supporters dumbfounded. Few outrageous supporters decided to take their anger out on the TV sets. But a little child has taken a different path. He has found the pain unbearable, hence crying is the only way of reducing it. Recently, a video of a child mourning over India’s loss has been breaking the internet. The video is bound to take you on a nostalgic trip to your childhood. Remember the days when we used to cry when our favorite team was thrashed? In the video, a boy named Adi is watching the all important final. The video is recorded by his mother. The not-so-crazy-about-cricket Indian housewife and mother of Adi asks him the reason for his tears. The little boy answers “India has lost the game. 8 wickets have fallen down.” The unaware mother again asks “So what?” Ah, only if she knew the pain of the poor little chap. The mother again asks “How many wickets remaining?” Ah, the poor kid, he replies “Only 2. That too, bowlers, Bumrah and Bhuvaneshwar. Have they ever scored half-century or century?” Gazing at the screen, he sadly says “His highest score is only 4 runs. Jadeja is the reason behind this loss.” Someone should have stopped the mother, but unfortunately, she again asks “India wouldn’t have won anyway.” Again, the child becomes angry and replies “Why? Hardik was striking the ball well. The required run-rate was just 5 runs per over (Well, as a matter of fact, it wasn’t. But I don’t blame you, for at this tender age knowing what required rate is a big achievement indeed). Adi keeps on saying “Jadeja ran Pandya out, and now he himself is dismissed. He should die. Caring mother has nothing to do with the horror show from Kohli and Co. She is just concerned about the health of her beloved. But the child is a clever one indeed, as he catches his mother recording his terrible state of mind. “You just keep on recording video,” says Adi. The mother, in a haste, stops the video while saying “Why will I record a video? Am I mad?” But whatever you say, dear mother, Adi has caught you. And someone please call Ravindra Jadeja.

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