Click to Watch in HD > The Voice - My Top 20 Blind Auditions Around The World (No.18)

Watch No.18: Take a look at some of my favourite The Voice - Blind Auditions worldwide. Enjoy... Watch my other compilations: 00:06 ไนท์ วิทวัส (Nite Wittawat) - Highway to Hell/Back In Black (Thailand) 05:07 Aleksandr Panayotov - All By Myself (Russia) 08:07 Sundance Head - Ive Been Loving You Too Long (USA) 09:46 Rose Marie Velasquez - Rise Up (Romania) 12:03 Alina Pankova - Eucalyptus (Ukraine) 13:57 Luis Miguel Ledesma - Sus Ojos Se Cerraron (Ecuador) 15:28 Johannes Koo - Say Something (China) 19:14 Petro Sawicki - Я тебя люблю (Ukraine) 21:21 Jael Bird Joseph - Gravity (Canada) 23:28 Tsenka Philippi - Зайди, зайди (Bulgaria) 25:49 Jade Hewitt - Here For The Party (United Kingdom) 27:23 Sarah Caillibot - Pull Marine (France) 29:46 Robert Frick - Rain (Switzerland) 31:38 Ania Karwan - Purple Rain (Poland) 33:32 Laura - Youth (Vlaanderen) 35:33 Caitlin Caporale - Impossible (USA) 38:16 Vince Kidd - Like A Virgin (United Kingdom) 39:59 Chenyo (Ginny Kuo and Monica Wu) - 野子 (China) 43:56 Shelby Brown - Stars (USA) 45:43 Ludmila Sokolova - Падаю в небо (Russia) - I am NOT the owner of the songs or the images included. Any copyrights belong to their rightful owners (Talpa_TheVoice /CtiTV Inc. /NBCU_Shows /Talpa_TheVoiceUK /TF1 Antennes) I used this video for entertainment purpose only.

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