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Watch The worlds first all electric VTOL jet | The Lilium Jet | Zoom Reviews ❤ Lilium’s All-Electric VTOL Jet Just Took Off For the First Time ilium has lift off! The world’s first electric vertical takeoff and landing jet, also known as a VTOL jet, has taken its first successful test flight. The two-seater prototype aircraft uses about the same amount of power as an electric car during flight, and its creators are hoping to spark a revolution in global transit. “We want to establish and build a new means of transportation,” Daniel Weigand, co-founder and CEO of Lilium, said in a company video released Thursday. Subscribe My Channel : Website : LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For all updates : LIKE My Facebook Page : Follow Me on Twitter : The aircraft is unique because it is capable of both vertical takeoff and landing, where the aircraft pushes up against the ground, as well as more conventional jet-powered flight. In the latter mode, the aircraft uses wing-borne lift like a conventional airplane, which means it can move faster than a car and a helicopter. It has a range of 300 kilometers (190 miles) and a top speed of 300 km/h (190 mph). Because of the dual flight modes that can employ jet power when needed, the machine uses 90 percent less energy than a traditional drone-style aircraft. This could prove valuable in the air taxi space, where Lilium envisions customers ordering an aircraft similar to other ride-sharing services. The VTOL capabilities will mean the aircraft can land on small pads inside cities. Drone taxis look set to be a big focus for ride-sharing firms over the coming years. Uber outlined a VTOL service in October that would work in conjunction with traditional car services on either side of the flight. The company believes a trip from San Francisco’s Marina to downtown San Jose, normally two hours by car, could take just 15 minutes. #Playlist link 1 : #Playlist link 2 : #Playlist link 3 : #Playlist link 4 : #ZoomReviews #1

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