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Watch Dr. Vivek Kushwaha discusses how spinal fusion techniques have improved over the years. Call (713)-587-6263 or visit to make an appointment with Dr. Kushwaha. I started practicing in 1997 and I started medical school in 1987. And back then, when somebody was told they needed a spinal fusion, it was like being told they needed an amputation. It was, you know, a horrific event. In the sense that our techniques were crude, our results were not great. But as time has gone on, that has improved. Where now, I have patients who come to me and say, You know, I have this problem. I heard a fusion will help me. How does that work? And so, as our techniques have improved and our results have gotten better, the lay public now understands that a fusion, for the right problem, can help them. What has happened is our ability to do a fusion has improved, in the sense that we are able to do it much less invasively. With smaller incision, less muscle dissection, faster recovery, quicker ability to go back to work, go back to sports. Whatever activities you want to do.

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