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Watch hay dear viewers. top 5 or 10 channel presents a new video, top 10 foods that make your penis bigger_get a bigger penis 12 9 2016. number 1. figs, figs are chalked with amino acids and help improve our sexual energy and increase libido. number 2. garlic, contains allicin which helps to increase blood circulation to the penis. number 3. watermilon, relaxes the blood vessels, and make blood flow easily to the penile area. number 4. eggs, eggs are great source of protein which helps rebuild penile tessue and control hormone levels. number 5. basil, basil increase circulation and blood flow to the penis. number 6. bananas, bananas are highly potassium, thie fruit increase libido, gives us stronger erectins and helps reduce importance. number 7. rich, rich in fatty achids increasemale hormones and so helpful when performing penis exercises or using extenders. number 8. oyster, oyster has heavy zinc. its help to increase testosterone levelsand also increase libido. number 9. salmon, salmon is rich in omega3 oil which increased blood circulation and helps rebuild penile tissues stronger , fatter and bigger. number 10. tuna, tuna contains l_arginine which is an enzyme that promotes penile bloodflow. which help us to promote penis enlargement. please like ,share and subscribe for more videos updates ,thanks for watching..LINKS ARE: channel: facebook page: google plus: twitter:

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