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Watch Here are Top 10 Interesting Facts about Pakistan, One of the Most Beautiful Country in the World. Here are the TOP 10 FACTS: 1. Pakistan have one of the oldest civilization, Kacchi Plain located in Balochistan is about 6000BC old. 2.Pakistan have 4 highest Mountain out of 14 from the total highest Mountain in the world. 3.Pakistan have largest irrigation system 3 times bigger than Russias Canal System. 4.Pakistan National Anthem Tune Ranks 1st in the Top 3 Tunes of the World. 5.Pakistan Ranks 7th to have the largest pool of Engineers and Scientists. 6.Pakistan Ranks 4th to have the BroadBand Internet Service. 7.Pakistan National Juice is Sugar Cane Juice. 8.Pakistan is the Only Country in the world who have Fertile Desert. 9.Youngest Microsoft Certified Expert are from Pakistan Arfa Karim and Babar Iqbal. 10.Highway between China and Pakistan - the Karakoram Highway is located at the height of 15,400 almost and one of the wonderful of the Earth. . __/Links_ ► Facebook:➜ ================================================ ♥ Subscribe to our channel:

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