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Watch Top 10 list of the most mysterious and bizarred creatures found on the beach. These sea monsters washed up on a beach are finally explained in this Serious Deliver top 10 list. 10 Most Mysterious Creatures Found On The Beach 10: Acapulco Creature In March of 2016 unidentified creature washed up on the shores of Bonfil Beach in Acapulco Mexico. Rosa Camacho, the coordinator for the Civl Guard and Fire Brigade stated: “We have no idea what type of animal this is, but I do know that it does not smell bad or have a feetid aroma.” Which is strange, because event though the mysterious creature had not been there long, it was already in a great state of decay. 09: St. Augustine Monster In November of 1896 a couple of men were riding their bikes along the coast of St. Augustine Florida when they noticed a huge mass on the beach. Upon further exploration they realized it was some kind of sea creature that was massive in scale. It was over 23 feet long, 18 feet high and 4 feet high. The creature also looked to have multiple legs and weighed an estimated 6-7 tons. Professor Verrill at what is now known as The Smithsonian stated at first that it must be a squid then after obtaining more information changed his mind to octopus with tentacles that would have been around 100 feet long. And then after receiving some tissue samples yet again changed his mind and said that it was most likely the head of a sperm whale. 08: The Mysterious Marine Monster of folly Beach This bizarre creature washed up on Folly Beach South Carolina causing quite a stir in the community leading some to postulate that a maybe a sea monster or some new species may have been discovered. The monster was Described as tan and brown with greenish patches and bony dinosaur like plates on its side. It was huge, at least 10 feet in length if the photos were correct. It was the bony plates and the animals shape that gave away its true identity. This creature was in fact an Atlantic sturgeon. A fish that quite commonly reaches lengths up to 15 feet long and weighs over 500 pounds. 07: Four Mile Globster In 1997 a some kind of mysterious creature about 15 feet long, and 6 feet wide washed up on four Mile Beach in Tasmania. Witnesses described the creature has having strands of white hair, paddle shaped flippers and 6 fleshy lobes on its side. 06: New Zealand Globster In 1968 This 30 foot long, 8 foot high unidentified mass was found on the beach in New Zealand. Covered in sand matted grey hair about 4 to 6 inches long growing out of a very tough hide. 05: Big eye Thresher Shark In march of 2016 a tourist walking along a a Ruakaka each in new Zealand came across something he described as, “it was just so strange and wed never seen anything like it before, with its long tail and its big, black eyes. It was very unusual.” That creature ended up being a big eye thresher shark. The long tail is used to stun their prey. 04: Trunko Trunko was first sighted sometime around October of 1924. An article titled, “fish like a polar bear” described a battle between a creature that looked like a giant polar bear and two killer whales. Well trunko eventually lost and its carcass washed up on margate beach, where it was described by witnesses as being 45 feet in legnth, 10 feet wide and 5 feet high with a trunk over 5 feet in length. In 2010 a photograph purported to be that of Trunko surfaced, and looked more like a globster than what had been previously described and the hair was just exposed connective tissues. 03: The Roch Ness Monster this was found on the beach of Hollingworth Lake in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. In 2015. The creature was almost 5 feet long and had a huge mouth full of spiked teeth. Some speculate that its a pike, which is found in the lake, others think its an ancient monster. 02 The Beast Of Tenby Described as having the body of a pig, but the claws of a bear, the body of whatever this mysterious creature is was found on the beach in Wales. it was Given the name The Beast of Tenby and The Beast from the east by the local press. A professor at Swansea University College of Science stated that the give toes meant it was quite possibly a badger, or maybe even a dog. And now for our #1 on our list of 10 mysterious creatures found on a beach. 01 The Montauk Monster Is probably one of the more infamous mysterious creatures on our list. With a beak, claws and almond shape eyes, this bloated beast led to all kinds of speculation across the internet. The director of Stony Brook Universitys living marine resources institute William Wise called it a fake after inspecting a photo of the creature. He also stated that if its not a fake, its most likely the body of a diseased dog or coyote. Others think the animal is a product of plum island, a federal government owned island off the coast of New York where a federal research facility that studies animal diseases resides and has long been the talk of conspiracy theorists.

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