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Watch In this video, you will see The Highest Insured Body Parts of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez butt(JLo butt).Actually, I try to present the Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Body Parts Covered By Insurance like celebrities breast,celebrities butt etc.You know,Most of us insure our homes or our cars, but we’re probably not taking out a separate policy just for our breast,butt, legs or vocal cords. you will be surprised to see what part of body insurance celebrity has done.You also be surprised to see Jennifer Lopezs butt is insured by $300 like crazy. Have any comments,plz share with us. leave a comment and drop a like. Subscribe The Channel: Insuring Your Body Parts? By []Bogdan Moisa What exactly is body part insurance and how does it work? Lets presume that you have a wonderful leg of which you are very proud. Any damage to it will be a huge loss for you. However if you get coverage for that specific leg, you will receive a compensation if something happens to it. Although celebrities insure their body parts for huge sums, the same thing doesnt apply to you. Even if your eyes are as bright and beautiful as Vivian Leighs it is unlikely that you will find an agency willing to insure them for a lot of money. The practice of insuring a body part is most common between celebrities because they use it more as an advertising method and not as a cost efficient mechanism. Also, it is very hard to find an agency that will be willing to issue such a policy in the United States. However, it is possible in London and in the U.K. But what if your entire career depends on a single body part? For example, if you are a guitar player and you lose one or more fingers and you cant play anymore. A more cost efficient way for insuring against such damages is by purchasing a dismemberment insurance policy. They are simple policies that dont come at high cost and they are easy to understand: if you die in an accident your beneficiaries receive a death benefit and if you lose a limb or your eye-sight you will receive some money in compensation. However, even a better mechanism of protecting you and your loved ones is life insurance. The problem with accidental death and dismemberment insurance is that the risk of you dying or getting hurt is much lower. Most people die of old age or because of diseases, situations covered by a life insurance policy. If you cant afford life insurance, or if you think that you dont need it, you can buy work compensation. This is a form of insurance that provides wage and medical coverage if you get hurt at work. In exchange for this coverage you surrender any legal rights to sue the owner of your workplace. This is a good deal, especially if you do not have the resources of sustaining a long battle with the company you work for. In conclusion is it worth insuring your body parts? The short answer is yes, if you are not a celebrity or a rich person. There are much more better forms of protecting yourself and the ones you love, so body parts insurance is just not worth the money. Visit our website to find more about insurance and to get quotes for the best policies available. We cover a wide range of insurance quotes for life, health and auto insurance. Visit our website and find quotes for []life insurance for senior citizens! Article Source: [ and id=7442376] Insuring Your Body Parts? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Celebrities News On Social Media: Like Celebrities News on Facebook : ► Follow Celebrities News onTwitter: ► Add Celebrities News on Google Plus: ► Read Celebrities News on Wordpress: ► Follow Celebrities News on Tumblr: ► Reddit: ► ► ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You May Also like this: ►Justin Bieber leaked pics: ►TAYLOR SWIFT hilariously walks sideways to avoid paparazzi: ►Orlando Bloom Watching Katy Perrys performance At The DNC: ►Top 10 Selena Gomez Photo and Quotes:

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