Top 10 world Beautiful Eyes Celebrities // Top 10 most beautiful eyes celebritiesEyes are the best feature of the face. The eyes beautify the face and are considered as the most expressive feature of a woman’s and Mens face. With beautiful eyes a man can drive the chicks insane and crazy for him. Eyes to a woman are her biggest and the best asset. With the use of her eyes, a woman can show her emotions as well as mood. Thus, eyes speak more than what mouth speaks.. Here are Top 10 Celebrities with Most Beautiful Eyes.* Michael JacksonMichael Jackson is another name for perfection. Having the most beautiful smile, the legend was also blessed with the most beautiful eyes. His iconic eyes were mesmerizing and, is usually, in the ‘Dangerous’ era, the emphasis and focus were in his eyes majorly covering all the other facial features.*Ian Joseph SomerhalderWith steely blue eyes, Ian Somerhalder is criminal with the crime of stealing every girl’s heart. Ian can’t be left out while talking about men with incredible eyes. His smoldering blue eyes and his sexy muscular body drive the chicks insane and crazy for him. His appealing eyes are the major reason his large fan following from around the globe.*Alexandra DaddarioComing towards our next name in the list of celebrities with mesmerizing eyes, Alexandra Daddario is among the top 5. Receiving positive feedbacks from her fans, Alexandra Daddario is blessed with a pair of magically pretty eyes that make her even more attractive and charming. Acting since 2005, this stunning actress has been serving the industry for 12 years and also admired for her acting skills but still, the dominant part of her personality is her eyes that can’t be ignored at any cost. *Aishwarya Rai Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s hypnotizing green-blue eyes are not a new thing. Since the day, she has shown herself to the world, people came to know that the young girl has a bright future due to her irresistible beauty. Although her luscious lips, melodious voice, and ultra-feminine habits are sufficient to seduce any guy.*Paul NewmanIn the movie history, Paul Newman’s piercing blue eyes are highly well-known to thrill anyone. His perfect eyes were his weapon and once as a joke he said that he could be unable to achieve such fame without his sparkling bright eyes.*Cameron DiazCameron Diaz is among the prominent celebrities in Hollywood. No doubt her acting skills are outstanding and this is why she has gained this position which she derives but still on another side, her eyes must be given the credit for the major contribution towards her beauty and ultimately towards her success. *Johnny Depp*Famous for wearing tinted glasses, Johny Depp is another celebrity who has been gifted a pair of beautiful eyes by God. Although, blind in one eye, he’s still among the celebrities that are famous majorly because of their mesmerizing eyes.*Giada De Laurentiis*Giada De Laurentiis always leaves the people seeing her, speechless and insane for her ultimately. This beautiful, professional chef’s smoky eye beauty tips are widely followed by numerous women around the world.Elizabeth TaylorHow can the world forget those beautiful and mesmerizing violet eyes? Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes were the center of her beauty and gorgeousness and not when he joined the industry, but since her childhood, her eyes had started shocking the people and she was recommended to join the industry because of her irresistible beauty.David BowieThe legendary David Bowie had iconic eyes, but of different colors and the pupils were of different size. But this is what the beauty of nature is. Despite this strange fact, David’s eyes are considered as the most incredible and mesmerizing eyes.Thanks for watching please Like and subscribe this channel for more videos news and trends news.List of the best eyes on male celebrities, ranked by appreciative fans. This list includes many of the hottest famous men with the prettiest eyes in the world, including actors, athletes, singers / musicians, and many other celebs. Eyes are the windows to the soul – and these guys have stunning sets. People with amazing eyes are easy for everyone else to look at, and these male celebrities might owe their peepers some of their fame and fortune.Top 10 Most Beautiful Eyes Female Celebrities in the world.Top 10 Most Beautiful Eyes Female CelebritiesTop 10 Women With Most Beautiful Eyes In The WorldWorld most beautiful eyes menFollow us on google plus: