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Watch If you use the same password for every site, anyone who figures out one of your passwords now has all of them. It’s a house of cards, but one way too many people live with. Although unique passwords serve as a convenient and (often) effective means of preventing your identity and data from being stolen, remembering them all can prove difficult without having to refer to a list of Post-It notes haphazardly placed around your monitor. The right password manager should do more than just lock your passcodes within an encrypted vault in order to minimize your vulnerability against attacks. Many modern password managers now allow you to sync your web-based passwords across devices and change them with a mere click, while giving you the option to automatically sign in to your favorite sites and granting you improved security in all facets of your data. Below are a few of our current favorites, along with an explanation of what they do and how they do it. By considering the all major aspects we sorted the order of password manger 1.Dashlane(free and paid) (download link- 2. Lastpass(free and paid) 3. 1password(Paid) 4. keypass(Free) 5. Roboform(paid) we placed the review at end of the video ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ support us: Youtube channel: Facebook page: Twitter: Google+ : *************************************************

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