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Watch Fall in love over and over again with the latest Love songs playlist compiled and curated by Muzik247 Tulu. Listen to the best of Love songs from the latest movies such as Nirel, Bangarda Kural, Yeregla Panodchi, Super Marmaye, Rickshaw Driver and Chaali Polilu. Track Details: 1) Oodala Bayake Movie: Bangarda Kural 2) Serrnaga Movie: Nirel 3) Dayegu Kopadu Movie: Yeregla Panodchi  4) Ennudala Movie: Super Marmaye 5) E Udalai Movie: Rickshaw Driver 6) Oh Myna Movie: Chaali Polilu SUBSCRIBE to Muzik247 channel for unlimited entertainment Share on Facebook: Like us on Facebook Circle on G+

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